Pay-per-Use Pricing

With our On-Demand Credits, pre-pay for usage with no recurring fees.

We offer two tiers of client galleries:

Standard Gallery

All the essentials to deliver videos online.

  • 0.5GB of Video Upload Included
  • Your Branding (with VidFlow badge + Domain)
  • 10 Years of Client Access
  • Playback up to 4K
  • Unlisted Sharing + Password-Protection
  • Embed galleries to Your Website
  • Standard selection of Fonts & Templates
  • 1 Year of Source-File Hosting
  • TV Apps for Clients
PRO Gallery

 An elevated & fully white-labelled experience.


  • 1GB of Video Upload Included
  • Remove all VidFlow branding
  • Customize Gallery URL for each client
  • Unlock all Fonts & Templates
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Ambient Gallery Music
  • Custom Domain-name Support**
  • Individual-Access Delivery Options
PRO features will also be soon available as a yearly fee option for high volume customers.

Credit Packs

Credit Packs can be used toward multiple projects.
1 Credit

Up to 5GB of Video Upload

2 Credits
Save 7%

Up to 10GB of Video Upload

5 Credits
Save 20%

Up to 25GB of Video Upload

10 Credits
Save 27%

Up to 50GB of Video Upload

20 Credits
Save 37%

Up to 100GB of Video Upload


1 Credit = 5GB of Video Upload
An individual Credit can only be used within one gallery, & cannot be used partially toward multiple galleries.

Pricing FAQs

Currently, we only offer the PRO feature as an upgrade per gallery for 2 Credits. However, we do plan to offer a yearly membership option for high volume customers.

The cost of video upload remains very similar to before. We now offer the same 5GB blocks of quota as Credits (1 Credit = 5GB), and they get discounted as you purchase bigger credit packs.

For example, If you purchase the 20 Credits Pack, each credit only costs $4.75. Therefore, a 5GB project costs $4.75, and a 10GB project costs $9.50 (2 Credits for $4.75 each), and so on.

We'll gladly refund credit pack purchases made within 14 days of your invoice date, provided you haven't used any credits from the credit pack.

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**Custom domain is only available with select memberships only.